Business Intelligence


Corporate360Degree, a research institute, is devoted to excellence with global expertise for professional growth and distress insights projections of both, company level operations and financials. Our experienced faculty with Growth Predictive & Default Scanner helps you control ecosystem operational fragility, alerts you before cash flows get distressed with Risk Scorecards. Eagle Assessment to investment losses aligned with financial surface risk injury ratings help manage and being active defining locked hidden risks.

Services Include:

  • Prescriptive Intelligence
  • Financial Business Intelligence
  • Financial Distress Signs
  • Benchmarking Scores
  • Warning Signs in grass root operations
  • Investigative default focus tool
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Lean & Six Sigma Projects Execution
  • Credit Ratings Pre-Assessment Module
  • Project Valuation

Focused Client Segment

  •      Mid & Large Cap Companies
  •      Private Equity Investors
  •      Banks & Financial Institutions
  •      Strategic Alliances – Take Overs & Mergers
  •      Business Case & Projects Management
  •      Multinational Strategic Units
  •      Corporate Restructuring Units
  •      Resolution Partners

Corporate360Degree is dominant in Advisory Services for Strategic alliances, M&A, Private Equity Funding and also having good hold of on-going corporate projects Globally.

Corporate360Degree is known for its exceptional advisory role in Global Market with listed domain acquaintance:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Business Transformation
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Financial Business Intelligence
  • Lean Management & Cost Control
  • Board, C-Suites & Investor Management & Reporting
  • Virtual & Shared Services & Solutions
  • Critical Business Solutions:
  • Bench-marking & Restructuring
  • Financial Distress Predictive Services
  • Alert Scoreboards - Operations Management & Control
  • Investigative Default Focus Tool for Default Probability, NPAs & Risk Exposures
  • Credit Rating & Pre-Assessment Module
  • Project Valuation
  • Corporate & Project Financing
  • PE Investor Transaction Audit
  • Financial Due Diligence