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360 Corporate brings together ideas, innovation and people to help high-performing entrepreneurs achieve their dreams

At Corporate 360 degree, we believe in achieving maximum client satisfaction and excellence by serving them with the best. Our team has wide knowledge and expertise in the field of finance and accounting to help you mane... Read More


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“I didn’t realize that I had additional options in dealing with my tax situation until I talked with experts of Corporate 360 degree......”       

Ashish Dhingra

“Deeply appreciated the expertise that your company offered during our visit....... “

Mahesh Puhani

“I have experienced very professional and knowledgeable approach....”

Rajesh Dhanrajani

“Team of Corporate360degree is caring, knowledgeable, empathetic, sympathetic. Those are the first words that come to mind. Team’s absolute politeness and dedicates so much of their time to all clients, it’s rare to find someone who gives up so much of his time, because of a deep commitment, treating clients from all qualified persons without regard to religion, race, sex, color, familiar status. Thanks again for your professionalism.”

Sunil Kumar Jain

“You guys were a really big help in helping us come to understand our problem with the finance.   I felt you were very professional and you took good care of us.  You brought us to the place of resolving an overwhelming amount of just not knowing where we stood with monies owed.  Now we are free and know we can move on.”

Ranpreet Singh Walia

“You guys are wonderful.  You keep me updated on tax changes and how to prepare myself for next year.  Thanks!”

Arun Kumar Sharma

Your team was great! They gave it to me straight and didn’t make me feel like they were judging at all. They seemed down to earth and their experience instills confidence in your program! Thanks for your time, the whole team!”

Rahul Verma

“Very satisfied with the resolution of my tax problem.”

Capt. Sanjay Mishra

“Your employee to whom I meet was so kind and assured, really knew what was expected of us and gave us peace about a stressful situation to us. He did what was best for us and could have used this situation to gain for himself and put us first. We really appreciate that and will call him in the future.”

Dr Manoj Dua

“I appreciate all your hard work in resolving my tax dilemma.  By helping others – the work that you do is truly noble.”

Shashi Prakash Jha

“THANK you for all your hard work.  The company did a wonderful job and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results.  I can not say enough thank you.”

Dinesh Gaikwad

“Good quality work. I went with your company. I would recommend you to my family and friends. A special thanks to your whole team..”

Shibu James

“Associates were professional, courteous, knowledgeable and were able to keep me at ease and optimistic of my situation. Thank you!”

Akhil Malhotra

“It took you only a couple of hours to fix something that the other accountant couldn’t do in more than 8 months!”

Rajni Jadav

“I benefited from simply trusting a firm to properly gather information and file returns.  Other firms I have worked with did not…”

Uma Menon

“In one appointment here we feel that more was accomplished in one hour than in the previous 4 years with another accountant.”

Dr Sandeep Dua

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We believe in achieving maximum client satisfaction and excellence by serving them with the best.

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